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Metwest Capital Group manages different accounts for high-net-worth individuals and groups, the firm's Principals have been recognized for their track record as a of disciplined investment approach, where preservation and growth of investment capital are achieved through strict due diligence, underwriting and asset management.

Metwest has closed approximately $3 billion in real estate transactions as a correspondent lender, however its the Principal's have originate & funded $10 Billion + in commercial and residential mortgage loans over the years.


Real estate investing and serving our investors is Metwest's top priority. We are committed to putting our clients first by prioritizing their preservation of principal while proactively managing each asset to yield an appropriate risk adjusted return. Our Investor Relations Team focuses on providing transparent and timely reporting with active collaboration with investors, their staff and consultants.

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Metwest investment strategy is to invest in real estate financial instruments, seeking the most optimal risk-adjusted return throughout the capital structure. Debt investments may include first mortgages ownership. Investments loans are made primarily in office, industrial, retail, multi-family, mixed-use and residential investment properties on exclusive states. We focus on assets valued between $1MM to $75MM, where Metwest believes property ownership is fragmented and where market inefficiencies exist.

As the foundation for this strategy, Metwest has assembled a top level team of experienced professionals with extensive track-record from origination, underwriting, funding to asset management . All our investments are supported by a rigorous underwriting and comprehensive due diligence process to make an intelligent decisions.


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